Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Brexit and triggering article 50

So here we are, the dreaded day when an unelected Prime Minister actions the results of an advisory referendum and signs a letter to the EU giving notice that we are leaving. This is supposed to be a democracy, but I see no signs of it. Hard Brexit was not on the ballot paper.

I am sad beyond belief that a campaign waged on the basis of xenophobia and a great big fat lie on the side of a bus about the cost of the EU and how it could all be spent on the NHS has put us in this spot.

What other country is mad enough to have voted for the coming recession, to take away people's birthrights, and our children's future? The turkeys wanted Christmas and, to mix metaphors completely, here comes the chopper to chop off our heads.

The choice was what we know and can manage versus jumping off a cliff into the complete unknown without anything that could remotely be described as a plan. The foolish, old and ignorant have hung our country, and most especially our young people, out to dry.

I'm not just saddened. I'm extremely bloody angry. For myself. And for my daughters.

And I don't live in Scotland with a chance of independence and remaining European. London can't very well declare UDI and leave the UK now, can it ?

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