Saturday, 4 May 2013

Rivoli Contemporary Art Museum ,Turin

The Italian royals always picked the best places to build. Now we can all experience their largesse. At Rivoli, set on a hill above Torino (that's Turin to you) with great views across the city and of the Alps  surrounding it, you can wander a sumptuous palace and enjoy contemporary art displayed in acres of space, room after room of it. You can even float out on a glass enclosed platform to take in the view. What an imaginative use of a building. A real indulgence.

There are so many things to choose from, but the highlights for me were Mona Hatoum' s Undercurrent and Richard Long's Rivoli Mud Circle (right). And it's always a pleasure to see Ai Wei Wei's urn dropping tryptich.

Italian artists I rather took a shine to were Mauricio Cattelan with his taxidermy hanging horse (left) and the geographical challenges of Luciano Fabro.

The current special exhibition is Ana Mendieta's She Got Love; a retrospective of the Cuban born American artist, who I have to confess I did not know (although I am acquainted with the work of her husband, Carl Andre - it's hard to forget the Tate brick purchase as every brickie in the UK will attest). Body work and a feminist perspective to the same in many different media are shown in one long gallery the entire length of the building. Fantastic. Of course, I couldn't help making my own contribution.

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