Monday, 11 February 2013

River Run at the Irish Cultural Centre

Olwen Fouréré
 brought her one woman show to the Centre Culturel Irlandais last weekend for a two night run. In the presence of the Irish Ambassador on Saturday evening, we were treated to an hour’s virtuoso performance from Finnegans Wake. Fouréré had perfect control, craft and timing. Now that Joyce’s work can be performed freely, lookout for much more of this from many artists in the coming years.
Once I’d stopped trying to make sense of the confusing word madness and immersed myself in the language, its playfulness and music, I was transported. It was very much an other world experiment and I naturally closed my eyes to focus on the sensation of words. It’s been a long time since I’ve read any of Joyce’s novel, but I really should get back to it and see if can’t make something of what the man himself wrote as a puzzle which he apparently suggested the professors would spend the next hundred years or more trying to figure out what he meant.
If you ever hear of this on anywhere else, don’t hesitate to get a ticket. Just FYI the theatre prices at the Irish, as I am now affectionately calling the place, are very reasonable. For this show 5 euros and that included a glass of wine.

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