Sunday, 22 April 2012

Doisneau at the Hotel de Ville

If ever there was a case of less is more needing to be applied to a photography exhibition, then this is it. Having waited for over two hours to get in, in the freezing cold I might add, I was hugely disappointed.

Yes, there are some wonderful photographs, about a dozen or so really brilliant portraits, but the curatorial decision to pack in as many pictures as possible of Les Halles diluted their impact. Why the prints were so small and hung so close together beats me. Any photograph that needs me to wear my reading glasses is a failure I'm afraid. Not a credit to the work of Doisneau.

A morning not well spent and a catalogue for 30 Euros was not tempting. Luckily it's in its last week, so if you missed it, don't bother to rush. At least it was free.

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