Monday, 22 August 2011

Tuesday at Tescos - Simon Callow - Edinburgh

I managed to get a ticket for Simon Callow's latest one man, or should that be one woman, show where he is a transvestite daughter (Pauline) to a more than unusually grumpy father on her usual Tuesday visit to him and the supermarket. It's an interesting piece translated from the French play that is currently taking Paris by storm (apparently) with a plot twist that I won't give away here. Callow is as one would expect is a brilliant, if unlikely trannie, resigned to being stared at every Tuesday in her 'home' town and not thanked or appreciated by her father, who is confused and ashamed by her in equal measure. But note to self not to sit too close to the stage again as it spoils the magic somewhat if you can see spittle flying. It's on at the Assembly Hall until the end of the month.

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