Monday, 18 July 2011

Harry Potter - the end

And so it all came to an end on Friday night. Loose ends tied up, well almost, Voldermort vanquished, cowardly Malfoys run for the hills, and the terrible three grow up and have kids...strangely satisfying but rather sad. Childhood over for my girls.

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  1. too see whole poem visit my blog

    Final Adventure
    Edited By Claudia Alick
    July 14, 2011

    Editor’s note: This poem was written outside the Tinseltown movie theater in Medford Oregon as people waited in line for the premier of, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2”. Participants of the poem wrote one line viewing only the previous line.

    ...making history here on the
    Our grandchildren will beg to hear our
    They eagerly wait for us to begin
    This night charade of lights and sounds
    I howl in the wind like a grew hand
    Yearning for my green chewy bone
    Screaming at the sky
    Wishing I could fly
    Wishing I was a quid itch star
    Drinking butter beer at hogshead bar
    Thinking about the armored centaur
    I knew there must be a chink to find
    And Voldemorts soul is broken
    Search for shattered treasures
    Upon the foreign seas
    My robe is black and flowing long
    My magic flows into my song
    My song echoes with the beauteous chaos around Fun faces make me happy
    cause I'm in love
    With the midnight broomsticks
    The pursued felons felt their way around corners in the sky