Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Joan Miro Foundation

I tried very hard to like Miro today, but honestly, most of it left me a bit cold. I guess there just are some artists who I don't really go for and he is one of them. Great building though and an extensive collection with temporary exhibitions by other artists, which is part of the foundation's mandate.

Super views of Barcalona and it's near the Olympic Stadium for those into that kind of tourism. Plus extensive parks and gardens all around, including the fabulous Botanical Gardens where you can lush up the vegetation from Australia to Chile, South Africa to California without having to get on a plane.  

Today's best thing: having time to play with words with this translation from Dupin. Enjoy!

Joan Miro by Jacques Dupin
Translated and Versioned by Kate Noakes

With his eastward line
Tapered like a sabre
With his unknotted line
Like a fissure

He catches and frees space
Sun’s youth
The bird singing before its birth
And all the snakes in the green sky.

Night pollen glints on his lip:
A soaking of dew.

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