Monday 1 July 2024

Forgotten Bristol - The Bristol L

I remember as a child a news report about the Bristol L, that particular use of an additional consonant at the end of certain words ending in a vowel, usually an 'a.' Thus if you ask, as the reporter did, a broad Bristolian to read out the following: Carla Rosa Opera Company, they will give you Caral, Rosal, Operal Company. 

You take photographs with your cameral, and an excellent plan is a good ideal. All very amusing to the outsider, but it is unconsciously done, as second nature to the Bristolian as aitch dropping is in Estuary English.

But it created a few problems for my mother trying to teach geography in explaining the difference between an area, as it plot of land, place, and an aerial photograph, as both words are pronounced the same as in 'an aerial photograph of a large areal of woodland.'

I had completely forgotten about the L until we moved back home recently and one of the first conversations I had with a passerby reminded me. It's charming and I've grown to love it again.

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