Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Olafur Eliasson at Tate Modern

Summer holidays and well into the autumn, then it must be time for some block busting inter-active art. But while you are there, don't be too busy walking through the kaleidoscope, or in the cloud room of changing colours, or at the strangely disembodied fountain to take a really good look at the fancy light fittings and the brilliant photographs.

Intent on documenting the shrinking glaciers of Iceland, these should be an almost too late wake up call. I especially liked the room long miscellany wall of cuttings, articles and photographs, which shows some deep thinking on art, environmentalism and climate change. And the paintings made by melting glacier ice were intriguing.

Go, but be prepared, it's packed and there are queues for some of the rooms. And it's a little curate's eggy in places: thin wave tanks, and a candle on a circular mirror - really? My companion loved the reindeer moss wall, although I couldn't detect its scent over my own perfume.

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