Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Paul Klee at the Pompidou

I don't know that much about Klee. I have never really liked his work, or rather, that which I have seen, the blocky things, the cubist things, the Bauhaus things, so this retrospective of his entire oevre is welcome, even if it's taken me months to get around to it, and I almost left it too late.

I still don't much like Klee. It must be the colour palette; all those browns and dark things that make me depressed. However the landscapes sing and some of his titles are positively brilliant, all music -Harmony of the Northern Flora being my winner on this score. There are some scary puppets, which was a surprise, as were the early satirical drawings.

Worth a whizz round before 1 August if you get fed up of the adjacent Beat exhibition. But don't make a special trip unless you are a die hard devotee.

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