Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Pierre Huyghe at the Pompidou

Brandishing my newly acquired membership card, I've now visited this exhibition four times with three different guests. What a marvellous thing this is. I feel like I own the place. Would you like to pop into my art collection? It's just a ten minutes walk from my house.

Pierre Huyghe is new to me, but then my knowledge of contemporary art if rather British-centric. The show is fifty works covering film, sculpture, painting, photographs, mixed media, sand, rain, snow, ice and live animals. Yes, you read that right: human, dog, fish, crabs and bees, variously walk and crawl around the galleries. It's a wild ride with films ranging from the risible to the awe inspiring. There is even a sound piece you can play with yourself if you like industrial noise. I love it. but the only down side is that it's so inviting to interact with the works, it's hard to control the urge not to touch everything.

Well worth repeated visits, I am enjoying it more each time, but don't expect the bees to be doing anything spectacular. It's cold and they are cuddled up on the honeycomb. Hurry if you want to dream away the holidays. You have until 6 January.

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