Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sunbathing in the Place des Vosges

The Place des Vosges is famously one of the few places in Paris where there is a) grass and b) grass you are actually allowed to sit on in the summer. In winter it has its little rest (la pelouse est en repose). So you'd think perhaps, in this city of rules and regulations (so much for liberte), that sunbathing in a bikini would be a bit, how shall I put it? interdit.

But not so. I was out there all day on Sunday and on Monday evening and for an hour just now, trying to kick start my holiday tan unmolested by jobs-worthy park keepers.

Hurray for that. But don't try it in the parks in Montmartre, where I have it on good authority they are more prudish.

Less of a hurray for the man who tried to pick me up, though. While I'm flat on my back asleep in the sun, do I look like I want to go for a drink with you? Well, do I? Ah, France. That's being hit on twice in one week. You get used to it after a while. At least he said my accent was good, but that might've been a line...

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