Saturday, 4 May 2013

Ron Mueck at the Cartier Foundation

Hyper-realist sculpture lovingly crafted? Stunning building with woodland spring plants in full bloom? Must be an afternoon outing on May Day. I spent my day off (thanks international workers everywhere) dodging the showers in this stunning exhibition.

There are few pieces on show, but that's the point. You are not meant to be overwhelmed by the work of Aussie born Londoner, Ron Mueck. You're meant to take your time and really look at them.

My companion and I spent a good long while engaging with the narratives that each piece provokes.  Perhaps that's because we are both writers. Perhaps not. Some are tender and amusing, some shocking, some unnerving. All are beautifully observed.

Go see for yourself,. It's on until the end of September, but be prepared to queue, although to be honest we chatted the hour away quite happily.

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