Friday, 14 December 2012

Poetry News - Review of Cape Town

From today's Cape Times - super!:

Review - Kate Noakes - Cape Town

Anyone who has looked beyond Cape Town’s tourist traps will smile in recognition at these closely observed poems about the city and wider environs.
A five-month work stint in early 2011 proved a fruitful time for Welsh poet Kate Noakes, whose third collection this is.  Her subversive eye found rich resources in the place, its past and present politics, and life. 
Poems range from ‘a yard of silver’ snoek to the ‘Green and yellow blanket man’ begging aggressively in Long Street, from hadedas ‘plagued with smoker’s cough’ to quagga and zebra ‘bar-coded for its foals to find home’, from forced removals to fracking and HIV transmission.  Noakes employs a deft touch, vivid imagery and frequent humour.
This elegantly printed hardback is an empathetic, thought-provoking invitation to view our city with fresh eyes. 
Sarah Rowland Jones

Cape Times, Friday, December 14, 2012, p.32

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