Saturday, 30 June 2012

Leopold Museum, Vienna

If you are in the Austrian capital this summer, make sure you see the Klimt exhibition at the Leopold Museum. As well as some lovely paintings (landscapes and figurative work including the fabulous gold knight) and many of his personal effects, it has over 400 postcards written to his girlfriend in his scribbly script. Some are domestic and everyday, others are genius. I wonder what the equivalent will be today - I can't see 400 emails being printed out exhibited a hundred years hence, but by then perhaps everything will be on line, searchable and infinitely available and the art gallery and museum quaint curiosities inhabited by strange beings who actually want to go out into the physical world.

The museum houses the largest collection of Schiele's work too. Many of the paintings were totally new to me and if you like his style, they are brilliant. He produced an incredibly large body of work for someone who died aged 28. Plus unlike in the Klimt I was able to take some shots - enjoy the mourning woman, nude, self-portrait and washing line.

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